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A new RF drying system for converters of multi-layer bags that permits the application of water-based, pressure seal adhesives at fast web speeds is being introduced by Radio Frequency Co., Inc. of Millis, Massachusetts.

The Macrowave™ RF Drying System for multiwall bag converters lets them use water-based, pressure seal adhesives rather than expensive UV curable adhesives or hot melt systems. Developed for 50" to 100" wide webs, this dryer lets converters apply and dry water-based pressure seal adhesives when the bag is formed to provide their customers with a faster sealing technique.

RF Dryers for Multiwall bags

Capable of operating at web speeds up to 1000FPM, the Macrowave™ RF Drying System selectively heats only the wetted sections on the web and requires one-third the floor space of hot air and IR dryers and provides up to 80% energy savings. This RF drying system is UL and CE approved and meets all OSHA safety regulations and FCC standards on communication non-interference.

The Macrowave™ RF Drying System for multiwall bag converters is priced from $60,000 up, depending upon configuration. Literature and quotations are available on request.

For more information contact:

Radio Frequency Co., Inc.
Tim Clark, President & General Manager
150 Dover Road
Millis, MA 02054
(508) 376-9555 FAX: (508) 376-9944

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