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A preheating and post oven drying and curing system for the production of insulation batting, board, and vermiculite that provides uniform drying by preferentially heating the moist areas of webs up to 12 ft. wide is being introduced by Radio Frequency Co., Inc. of Millis, Massachusetts.

The Macrowave™ RF Drying System applies radio waves at 40.68 MHz which uniformly and rapidly removes the water from fiberglass batting, board, and vermiculite and prevents the migration of binder media. Eliminating the wet spots caused by conventional drying methods, the preferential heating and drying involved with RF promotes consistent drying regardless of the non-uniform density and moisture content of insulation materials.

RF Drying System

Available for process lines up to 12 ft. wide, the Macrowave™ RF Drying System replaces the need for long tunnels, long dwell times, and the extra binder materials required to compensate for the migration caused by the capillary action of surface drying. Because water is more responsive to RF energy than most dielectric materials, the moist areas of insulation absorb more RF power than the dry areas, which results in uniform drying.

The Macrowave™ RF Drying Systems are priced from $300,000 up, depending upon configuration. Literature and price quotations are available upon request.

For more information contact:

Radio Frequency Co., Inc.
Tim Clark, President & General Manager
150 Dover Road
Millis, MA 02054
(508) 376-9555 FAX: (508) 376-9944

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