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Bantam-Series Post-Baking Dryers
for Biscuits, Crackers, and Snack Foods

Radio Frequency Company's New Bantam-Series Macrowave™ Post-Baking Dryers are designed specifically for up to one meter wide oven bands producing 3,000 pounds per hour or less. The new systems require no external plant cooling and no heavy electrical drops. With far fewer components and a simple yet robust design, the capital and maintenance costs are greatly reduced such that the business case is positive, and the technology is now available, for smaller regional bakeries, pilot R&D lines, or for lower throughput SKUs where an RF post-baking dryer can help with capacity, checking or color issues.

Benefits:See How they Work

  • INCREASES OVEN LINE THROUGHPUT: Product throughput on a typical oven line can be increased by 30% or more.
  • ELIMINATES CHECKING: Checking caused by the stresses of uneven product shrinkage is eliminated because of the moisture uniformity achieved.

  • PRECISE MOISTURE CONTROL: Selectively heats products where the moisture content is the highest. The product output will be uniform throughout, regardless of the non-uniformity going in.

  • IMPROVES COLOR CONTROL: Desired color can be developed in the product during baking independent of drying considerations. The Macrowave™ system then achieves the desired moisture content without affecting product color.

30kw Bantam_series Dryer
Macrowave™ Post-Baking Dryer

Advanced Features of the Bantam-Series Macrowave Dryers:

  • The low operating voltage of the 40 MHz Macrowave system increases the variety of products which can be dried by this method.
  • The latest design of PLC controls provides complete diagnostics and centralized control of all dryer functions.
  • The system can dry products downstream of an oil sprayer in bed depths of up to 6".
  • The Macrowave heat reclamation system uses waste heat from the RF power generator to scavenge moisture and increase drying efficiency.
  • Macrowave dryers conform to OSHA and FCC standards and carry the UL-approved label.

Process Development assistance is available at RFC's laboratory testing facility, which is equipped with the Macrowave™ OmniTherm™ Simulator.

Founded in 1946, Radio Frequency Company specializes in developing and manufacturing high frequency heating systems to improve efficiency in many industrial applications. RFC is a technological leader in the development of R.F. heat processing systems and is known for the highest standards of quality in equipment and service.

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